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The Fitness Desk Keeps You Active And Healthy

According to research, sitting all day long can cause health problems. Keeping this in view, JP Labrosse came up with a brilliant idea. If you spend most of the time at work sitting at a piece of furniture, this gadget is for you. The Stir Kinect Desk keeps track of how much time you have been sitting and how much time you have been standing, and balances between the two. It adjusts its height itself and raises itself for the user to stand.

Users are prompted to stand or sit by the gentle adjustments made by the desk, either raising or lowering itself. User can adjust the height according to their needs. The smart desk analyses the pattern and routine of the user and adjusts the sitting/standing time according to that pattern.

Modern and Ergonomic, is what the latest model promises its users. There’s a control panel attached to the desktop, a touchscreen from where the user adjusts the height and can check their daily stats as well. The desk offers the function to sync other fitness tech as well so that the user can keep track of how many calories they have burnt standing.

A “non-wearable wearable” is what JP Labrosse, founder of Stir, called it. According to him, this gadget may not be sitting on your body unlike all those other gadgets available in the market and still it will allow the user to keep track of their health and fitness all day. Currently available for online purchase, the Stir Kinect Desk costs $ 2,990.