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Smart Shoes Navigate You To Your Destination

Supershoes 1

Smartphones have really captured the modern world with great advertising, new applications that help people with their daily routines, be it getting from one place to another or a perfect diet plan or purchasing stuff with just a click.
But this is not it. The field of science and technology is being explored everyday with new possibilities that really stun the mind such as these new navigation shoes!

Not just phones, even shoes are smarter now as researchers in MIT Media Lab have developed a smart insole for shoes that gets you to your desired destination. Now you can look up at the blue sky, the stranger walking past you, the rose bushes around you as these Supershoes help you navigate a city without consulting or hooking your eyes to smartphone screens. Remarkable as it sounds, the embedded insole is connected to your phones via wireless Bluetooth and work using the sense of touch to analyze as well as guide you to your wanted destination. One cannot simply trash the phone as the destination input data is added by installing an app to your cellphone

The carrier of the shoes knows where to go on receival of tickling sensations; if you have to turn left, your left foot will feel it and likewise for right. The app can also be synchronized with your daily routines and can guide you accordingly, be it jogging time or grocery shopping. Not just this, the insole can even judge your taste and guide you to your place of interest, for example, a gaming zone or an art history museum.

These shoes are perfect for people who like adventures on a daily basis because one can definitely wander off to places they never expected to go to, so walk away, discover new things and enjoy! Check out the video below fore more: