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Leaked Photos Show Samsung Galaxy 6 Will be Launched With A Curved Display


It seems there’s a showstopper on the way. Samsung is reportedly going to release two new versions of the Samsung Galaxy 6 smartphones next month. The launch is scheduled for March 1st at a special ‘unpacked’ event by Samsung in Barcelona at MWC 2015. Samsung Galaxy 6 – iPhone 6 Killer

Both of the phones are rumored to have all metal bodies, Samsung’s Exynos 7420 processors and 5.1 inch screens. One version of the Galaxy S6 will have a display that curves down both sides of the screen, called the Galaxy S Edge. The other version will have a front facing display.

The Korean company feels it could have an edge over their arch rival Apple with this new curved edge. The S6 Edge will have the ability to work in left or right handed mode. You will have an option to choose your favorite contacts and assign specific colors to them. Since the curved edge remains visible even if a flip book style cover is used, it is easier to keep up to date with incoming calls and messages.

The Galaxy S6 smartphones are also expected to have 3GB RAM, a 20 megapixel camera, up to 128GB of storage and a 2K display. In terms of software, Samsung has stripped back the TouchWiz Android skin and its third party apps from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. User will be able to remove software apps that they do not like or need.

There were rumors that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with the StoreDot super-fast charging technology, but that’s just what it is; a rumor. This technology allows you to fully charge your phone within a minute, how cool is that?

Samsung has decided to curb the number of phones it makes each year. Instead of overwhelming the market with Samsung handsets, they will concentrate on making every handset better. Last year the company took a hit in profits, dropping down by 60 percent. There is a lot of pressure on the Samsung especially since Apple announced it’s most profitable ever quarter. Even though Samsung and Apple sold nearly the same number of smartphones in the quarter, Apple’s gross margins are much higher at 39%.

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