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Flip-Shoes Are The New Craze In Town

What you are looking at is the Link flip-shoe that is most likely the weirdest shoe to ever hit the market. The Link shoe has been designed to merge the advantages of flip-flops with the pros of sneakers. The outcome is a sole based shoe that allows you to keep your feet free, cool, and protected!

Link started out with the idea of combining the free and breezy comfort that defines the flip-flop while providing the protection and support of the sneaker. Link offers a much better mix of cushy underfoot support with a convenient slip-on design. What basically Link is offering is a flip-flop without the strap on top. It has a wrapping heel counter, side ribs, and even a slight toe box that extends upwards from the sole to provide a better grip.

Link claims that the design provides the summer comfort of a flip-flop but with an amazing adherence that makes walking more fun and takes away the fear of toe-stubbing. According to Link, you can run, bike, or even skateboard in the new shoes. Link’s flip-flop shoe is nothing but simple footwear, but it does employ a variety of materials and components.

The cushioning has been brought in using the breathable EVA insole that offers anti-odor/bacterial properties while the traction is procured from the sole pads that have flex joints mimicking the joints of the foot thus enabling for a natural movement. The hard TPU sides are placed next to the foot, thus allowing for a snug fit.

Despite the fact that these shoes might not be very useful, it would appear that they are doing quite well as far as crowdfunding goes. Link has surpassed its Indiegogo goal in only a day after being launched and had tripled the goal by the time of writing. A month still has to go before the campaign is over though. You can get them for an early bid price of $69.

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