People are Throwing Money at These Awesome Stick-On Shoes. Kickstarter Campaign Funded 700%

Ever went to the beach and had your shoes drown in a mountain of sand, or worse, ever had your flip-flops stolen while you laid there relaxing in the warmth of the sun? An Italian startup Nakefit has the ultimate solution for your flip-flop problems.

image credit: Nakefit

Nakefit are hypoallergenic adhesive pads for shoe-less walking anywhere. The Nakefit team says they are waterproof, cut proof, heat-resistant, and slip proof. All you need to do is peel the back, stick them on your feet and you are off to run, whether on the beach, the sea, the pool or even on jagged rocks. They will provide your feet with enough protection while giving you the feel of wearing no shoes.

When you are done with the beach or the pool trip, just peel them off, and you are ready to go. Oh! And remember the annoyance of putting your damp feet inside the flip-flops full of sand? Yes, that is no more.

The Nakefit Kickstarter campaign is nearing 700% of its original goal of €20,000 with more than two weeks remaining. The preorders are expected to be delivered by July this year, and until then you can make a pledge of  €30 to get a pack of 10 pairs, in blue, black, and pink colors. The stick-on Nakefit are available even for babies, so they won’t go around losing shoes on the beach either.

Images: Nakefit

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