Here Are The Best Jokes On Twitter About Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s announcement of  Whole Food acquisition was taken by both surprise and shock by the folks around the world.

Amazon-Whole foods $13.7 billion deal has rocked the stock market with a damage of tens of billions, with the biggest loser being the retail and food categories in the S&P 500.
The market cap for just 20 stocks was recorded at $37.7 billion this Friday, making Amazon an unparalleled disruptor for the retail industry.  Amazon has already revolutionized the way people shop, and now their focus on groceries has sent chills down conventional grocery retailers’ spine.
While the world comes to terms with the world’s third richest person’s largest acquisition till date, many still found it an apt time to make some tongue in cheek comments about the deal.

Here are some of the best jokes on Twitter about the deal:


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