These Are The World’s First Unchewable Flip-Flops – And They Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Brazilian flip-flop brand Brizza, in collaboration with Pedigree and advertising agency Mirum Brazil, has come up with a groundbreaking solution to address a common canine habit: chewing footwear. Dogs’ affinity for chewing shoes can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues, prompting Brizza to develop the world’s first unchewable flip-flops.

The idea of creating flip-flops that dogs wouldn’t be tempted to chew required a clever approach. The team at Brizza recognized the need to incorporate an element that repelled pooches. During this brainstorming session, the expertise of pet-food brand Pedigree came into play. Pedigree suggested using denatonium benzoate, known as the most bitter chemical in the world.

“When we were searching for ideas to create dog-friendly flip-flops, we aimed to find something that would create a repulsive taste for them, something inedible. Pedigree’s support and expertise were invaluable. By incorporating this extremely bitter yet safe compound into our production process, we achieved the desired outcome,” Brizza’s brand director, Maria Toledo, explained the rationale behind the collaboration.

Denatonium benzoate’s reputation as the most potent bittering agent in the world is well-deserved. Even a single drop of this substance can make an Olympic-sized pool of water taste unbearably bitter. Despite its strong taste, denatonium benzoate is safe for consumption and widely used in the pet industry to discourage animals from biting and licking objects they shouldn’t.

These non-toxic flip-flops were announced through Brizza’s social media channels in April. While the launch in Brazilian stores is expected soon, there is no information yet regarding an international release.

Brizza’s innovative approach to addressing a common issue faced by dog owners demonstrates their commitment to animal welfare. With the world’s first unchewable flip-flops, they aim to protect dogs from the potential harm caused by ingesting footwear rubber.

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