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This Hotel Chain Offers ‘Instagram Sitters’ To Look After Your Account While You Relax

relax we post instagram sitters in Ibis hotels Zurich Geneva

A Swiss hotel chainm Ibis Hotels, has offered a new service called “Relax We Post” to its guests who want to enjoy their holiday while keeping their accounts updated. The guests need to share their Instagram login details with the hotel’s Instagram Sitters who will then share photos and stories on their behalf. The sitters also reply to the comments on your pictures and videos. The social media addicts will be able to enjoy their time at any one of the 17 hotels in Zurich and Geneva while the task of taking pictures and videos will be done for them.

For the service of Relax We Post, the Swiss hotel chain teamed up with more than 10 well-known influencers including Anna Maradan, Cristina Gheiceanu, Pascal Erband, and Elay Leuthold. These people can log in into guest’s Instagram accounts and post-high-quality pictures, stories and also reply to comments. VP of operations at AccorHotels Central Europe, Philippe Alanou, said in a press release, “This new service offered by Ibis Switzerland is one of a kind. We pay close attention to current trends and make constant updates to the services at our hotels, ensuring we can offer our guests a range of modern, innovative ideas to make their everyday lives easier. Relax We Post is part of our mission to ensure hotel guests enjoy unforgettable experiences when they stay with us.”

Ibis aims to release the stress of being active on social media from their guests with the Relax We Post service. The company also hopes that this initiative will increase their profitability. Since 40% of travelers now pick their destinations by checking how “Instagrammable” they are. The content generated by the user is a key driver for hotel conversion and will give Ibis an edge over the competition. The Relax, We Post service, will be available for free to guests who are staying at an Ibis hotel in Zurich or Geneva between November 3 and December 3.

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