FDA Approves World’s First First Spray-On Skin For Treating Burns

FDA has approved the first “Spray-on” Skin treatment for burns. Avita Medical won FDA approval for its impressive ReCell Autologous Cell Harvesting Device for treating serious burns.

According to Avita Medical’s official website, the device equips healthcare professionals to produce a suspension of Spray-On Skin Cells using a small sample of the patient’s own skin. The suspension consists of the cells required to regenerate the outer layer of natural, healthy skin.

First Spray-On Skin for Burn treatment Credits: Avita Medical

To prepare the suspension, a small healthy sample of the patient’s skin is used. The process only takes 30 minutes and can be used right after a burn occurs. ReCell requires much less skin than an autograft over the burned surface before treatment. Autografts often require much more skin than a patient expects and often comes with nerve, skin and muscle damage.

However, the Recell technology uses enzymes to break down those layers of skin from a piece of tissue. It then mixes those tissue cells into a liquid that’s applied to the skin using a simple spray.

Recell takes thirty minutes to prepare

There is no risk of the patient’s immune system rejecting the skin because the new cells have been grown from the patients’ own skin. Also, there is no risk of getting a disease from the donor for the same reason.

Recell has been approved for sale in Europe, Australia, and Canada. It is undergoing clinical investigation in the US, however.

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