Check Out This Rubik Cube That Can Solve Itself

Remember those smart but annoying kids in school who’d carry around a Rubik cube in their pocket and solve it in minutes to impress teachers?

The Cube’s compact design makes it an attractive gadget

Well, how great would it be to find one that solves itself? Turns out, there’s one that actually can!

This impressive 3D-printed Rubik’s cube can solve itself without any external (read: human) help. It has been programmed using an Arduino board along with servo motors and looks very compact for its functionality.

Inner workers of the self-solving Rubik’s Cube
Credit: Human Controller

Sadly, there is not much build description given by its Japanese for Arduino DIY-ers except a brief one on DMM-make.

An obvious method to program such a cube would be to program it to memorize the moves taken during its shuffling and then reverse those to solve it. This would not be a very rudimentary method of solving the cube and would not work if the cube wasn’t in a solved state to start with. However, closely observing the cube solve itself reveals that this isn’t the case with the Human Controller’s Cube since its first twist doesn’t correspond to its last shuffle.

Nevertheless, Rubik’s cube’s impressive size given all the hardware components that went into its design makes it a very attractive gadget to have. We look forward to having this Rubik Cube on Kickstarter soon!

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