Enthusiast Builds A 36 Feet Long Replica Of The Nautilus Submarine

Man builds replica of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Nautilus 3We are usually reporting on wonders of science, new technologies that have been brought into play and how engineers have manufactured something totally brilliant. However, every now and then we find something which is homemade and quite amazing to say the least. Today’s post is about one such feat that has been pulled off by a 56 year old Danny McWilliams.

The Nautilus 2Usually the ingredients required for a DIY project are dedication, time and obsession. Apparently Danny had the three of these, for he surely picked up an odd thing to build. Danny has a built a 36 feet long replica of the Nautilus. If you are wondering what Nautilus actually was, Nautilus is the submarine of Captain Nemo from 20,000 leagues under the Sea. Danny decided to opt for the Disney’s version of the submarine that was used in 1954. The movie starred Kirk Douglas and James Mason.

The Nautilus 4The project took him more than a year to complete. The reason being the fact that he has given due attention to the tiny details which are what make this replica the amazing piece of hardware it was. As expected, the end product imitates the propeller at its rear end and comes with two bowl-shaped portholes which can be seen at the flanks.

The Nautilus 6The Nautilus currently resides at Danny’s home in Ellijay, Georgia. While many of the DIY projects are made to be kept close to their makers, this one is not. Danny has plans of donating this submarine to a museum in Florida once he is done giving finishing touches to the Nautilus. A selfless act indeed! Check out the video below:

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