Give Your Dead UPS Battery A Second Life Using This Cheap And Simple Trick

UPS Battery

With power crisis becoming an epidemic across the world, frequent power outages are no surprise and dealing Dead UPS Battery is a hassle. Some countries have to go through load shedding for 12-14 hours a day. UPS comes as a savior for the people of these countries as it provides backup power supply when the grid supply goes away.

UPS with battery
The main cost involved in running a UPS are the batteries that have to be replaced every 2-3 years. Today, we will reveal you a simple trick that has been used by Geeks for decades to give a second life to batteries.
For this to work, all you need is a pack of Epsom salt and distilled water. Epsom salt is commonly available from any big chemist shop since epsom salt has many cosmetic uses as well. Some chemists call it Magnesium Sulphate so ask for both the names at the chemist.

epsom salt
Once you have these two things, follow the instructions below:

Take 2/3 cup of Epsom salt (MgSO4) and add it into 2 cups of distilled water.
Heat the solution on a stove in a sauce pan till Epsom salt is totally dissolved in the water.
Disconnect and safely remove battery from the UPS.
Wear safety equipment ( Gloves and safety glasses)
Open the filler caps of the battery.

Battery filler caps
Add an equal amount of the MgSO4/H2O solution into each filler hole of the battery till you have consumed all the solution.
Replace filler caps and put the battery on charging.

Thats it, now you need to wait for a week as the condition of the battery will start to improve by each passing day. The cells will de-sulphate and the battery will start to give better backup time by each passing day. The battery should give best performance in 8-10 days. You can use this trick after every passing year and use your UPS battery for an extra 2 years. Dead UPS Battery no more.

Hope you liked the tutorial. Do try out this cheap and simple trick on your dead batteries and let us know how it went in the comments section below.

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  1. I have tried your trick on 60 amp battery, and it worked fine! But when I tried it on 7amp ups battery, the plastic housing of the battery got splitted, and licked out. pls what should I do to prevent this kind of damage? keep doing the good works!

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  3. my 2 yrs old inverter battery is kept dead for nearly 2 months and I want to give 2nd life to it please give me the suggestion to give 2nd life to my inverter battery……………………

  4. Sir I added one omega capsul and an Asprin to each cell of dead battery and it started working again and now it is demanding some salty treat. Thanx

  5. I have tried this on my 175amp battery
    It worked
    But battery har time charge krty rehty hai charging stop nae hoty
    What should i do?

    1. after adding this solution in battery, can we use it or we have to wait for how much time?? and can we charge it with ups or special charger?

  6. Sir , i want to know that whether there is any risk of explosion in adding apsom salt solution while sufuric acid is already lying in the battery.
    Please reply,

  7. This has not been written out technically. I shall not try this trick until I am sure it has been written by an engineer. It has not. Technical people do not write in superlatives. There is no one-size-fits-all in this world. Poor show, is my diplomatic answer.

  8. Sir, I want to try your Epsom salt+distilled water in inverter battery. Should I throw out old water filled in battery or use your idea as it is.please reply

  9. Hello,
    your given trick is great. I wish to try it I found that on charging my battery (12V SF Sonic for Car) out of its 6 cells, one cell is not producing bubbles of gases as are appearing in the other cells, what does it mean. This battery is also a bit swallen. I got it once charged by a professional shop but it could not remain active a day. Plz suggest me how that dead cell can be revive, because due to that battery is not getting up to mark level of voltage required to start a car. I shall be thankful to you for your guidance to over come this problem.

    Bangalore India

    1. I ask a question from you. You do the trick of epsom salt . I also want to do it. The question is Can i remove the water from the battery or not


  11. Admin How can we know that the plates of any dead cell of a battery are damaged?, or not. Please favour me with kind reply.

  12. I am confused by too many queries and replies. Please favour me with your kind information, if any dead cell of a battery, necessarily indicates that the plates are damaged?, or not.

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    1. AOA
      Muhammad Asim Sahib
      Arz ye ha k aap Epsom salt itna mahanga kiun kiun offer kar raha hain. Main na hud ye Akbari store Dehli darwaza Lahore se Rs-30/kg purchase kia ha. Is ki kia waja ha. Please clear kar dein.
      aap ka reply ka muntazar rahoon ga.
      Allah Hafiz
      Seemab Rashid

  14. amazing post by admin good job.

    my question is

    i used ags 200 ah battery and now its backup only 20 mints . how to correct this by appy ur epsom salt + disstilled water method and please tell me it is dangerous or not . please confirm for me that battery will not harmfull i mean will not explode any danger involve in all these methode plz answer i shall be very thankfull to u

  15. Hi thanks for info. Can you please clarify in detail a few things. I see a lot of great questions that are not answered or only partially answered and I could really use some help here.
    1. Does battery size matter as to how much solution should goes into the battery to obtain the best results? Ie would you recommend at least 25% of the solution should be the Epsom salt/ distilled water?
    2. Do I charge the battery on a low charge like 2a/h over the two weeks and change out the solution a few times during that time frame? Or, do I not charge it all and just let it sit, changing the fluid a few times?
    3. After the first fluid change there will no longer be any acid in the battery and it will be 100% Epsom salt/distilled H2O solution from there on out. Correct? Can I charge a battery that has no Sulfuric Acid?
    4. At the end of the 2 weeks +/- I empty the solution and replace with all new Sulfuric acid that has a 1200 gravity. Available at any battery store.
    5. Charge for the first time and use as intended or recharge again and use as intended?
    Thank you for the help

  16. Hi I have some questions as I have read every reply and now I am a little confused. No offense but some good questions never get answered or incompletely answered. Please tell me if I have these steps correct or not. Hopefully this will clear up the other peoples confusion as well.
    1. Mix two-thirds cups Epsom salt with 2 cups Distilled water. Heat on stove until Epsom salt is completely dissolved.
    This is the correct solution mixture no matter the size of the battery as long as it is a wet battery
    2. Top off each cell. Do not under fill or overfill. No need to empty the battery first. Just top it off. If it is already full then remove enough liquid to take the new solution. ( a little confusing because a car battery could take much more than a motorcycle battery. So what is the optimal end result in any battery,no matter the size, 2 2/3 cups solution in all battery sizes? Or is there a ratio, ie at least 25% of the total solution in the battery should be the new solution to get the optimal chemical reactions and results to happen.) If we know how much of the new solution should ultimately end up in the battery then we will know how much to withdrawal if it is mostly full of the original solution. Obviously if the battery is low on fluid then just fill it up.
    This is where I get confused some more
    3.Let the battery sit for two weeks with no charging going on. Change fluid a few times. Meaning after the first time you empty it there will be no acid left in the battery only the Epsom salt/water solution.
    4. After the battery has sat work a 2 weeks +/-. drain out the solution and fill with Sulfuric acid with1250 gravity. Available at any battery store.
    5. Charge and use.

    Or should #3 be
    3. Put the battery on a low charge like 2 ah. Change fluid a few times. Meaning after the first time you empty it there will be no acid left in the battery only the Epsom salt/water solution.
    4.After approximately 2 weeks drain the battery and fill wit the new Sulfuric acid 1200 gravity. Available at any battery store.
    5. Charge and use.

    I realize this is long but if the steps were laid out in a detailed step by step instructional I believe 90% of the questions would be answered. This is great information and I give you major KUDOS for sharing it. Please take the time to type the 5 or so detailed steps out for us slow learners and non chemist. lol
    Thank you very much

  17. Sir, I have recently shifted my residence. the battery was cleared of water and transported. it is two -three months. If i connect it will it work or should i replace it. Any early reply would be greatly appreciated

    1. Good Morning Friends.

      This is 13 October 2015, 12:45pm in islamabad, Pakistan. I just add 50gram of epsom salt in 2 water bottles (which is especially for battery). Each plastic water bottel is in 6-inch length, normal battery water available in market in just 30/- rupees pkr in the market.

      2 water bottles + 50gram Epsom salt

      Then i heat both a little and easily desolve the salt in water.

      Then i put this water equally in the cells of 175 bus battery. I shake a battery a little. Then after 5 minutes i normally charge up with normal UPS for home.

      I use this battery for home with UPS. Using since 2 years. When it was new it last 2 hours or more. But now battery finished in 50 minutes. So i did this experiment.

      Epsom salt is PKR Rs. 1500/- 250gram. In a plastic jar. If anyone need epsom salt, sms or call me at +923365013384

      Now lets see what happened.

        1. Dear Ali,

          I bought it through a stationery supplier in my old office but I don’t have his contact. I know that it is available in the shops which provide material for student’s experiments (there are few in anarkali bazar).


      1. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate ) is

        20 pk.R.s / 125 grams
        In pakistan.

        & 40 pkr or R.s / 250 Gram.

        Brothers you can buy it easily from any veterinary medical store.

        Bhai epsom salt 80 Rupees / kg hai pakistan mein.

        1. Guys, Thanks for finding the real cost of Epsom salt. Apart from Chemist the companies that supply chemicals to lab also sell Epsom salt so you might want to check them.
          Life of lead acid battery is 4 to 5 years (more or less). Has someone successfully revived a battery that is more than 4 years old? Could you please give feedback if this technique actually worked? How many times did you drain/replace the Epspm salt or were you able to get result in one go?

          I have a 5 years old car battery and one fine day I left the parking light on and drained the battery. Then I gave the battery for charging but the car does not start. When I jump start the car with a 2nd battery it starts so there is no issue with my car ignition system. So my guess is the issue must be sulfur deposit and EPSPM salt technique described here quite well should work.
          I measured the voltage after charging and it shows as 12 volt but my car does not start with 12volt. I consulted a battery expert and he told me that the voltage should be 12.7 volt or higher up to 14Volt for a GOOD WORKING BATTERY.

          A detailed update from any one of you who has successfully implemented this for battery older than 4 years will be very motivational for all of us.A new battery in India costs 5000 INR so it is worth trying EPSOM salt Revival before throwing away your old battery.

          All the best

  18. sir, i have applied this method .i used epsom salt and distilled water and heat the mixture till epsom salt totally dissolved. and pour the solution in equal amount. Then why batery get heat during charging?

    1. you mix solution with acid as it no need to empty battry
      but after one week you check gravity of battery @ full charge
      it should between 1250 to 1270

  19. dear sir meri prob ye hay k battery ka left side ka cell bilkul khatm ho gaya hay aur battery charging just thirty mintes hy so what can i do for this, waiting for your reply

  20. Hello, Admin, I read your all comments regarding epsom salt solution, I have some query please reply as soon as earlier, it is appriciated,
    I have AGS 132 battery buy it 8 months before but now it works almost 5 minutes backup, i was use baking soda to pour in to cells for desufation after flush out existing electrolytes, then use epsom salt approx 500gms into 3 liters disttiled water and then go to battery shop for charge, once it will show 4 amp to 11 amps in 2 hours after that it will show 8 amps still, pls let me know can i flush epsom salt soloution and refill with sulfonic water and charge or any suggestion.


  21. I have a Excide UPS 100. Which is filled with distilled water. 2/3 cup of salt is how many grams of Epsum Salt? and how many ml of water?

    1. 2/3 glass means ratio to 2 glass means in each glass 3 part totally we have 3+3 part of distilled water and 2 part of solution.
      means ratio must be 2:6 for 2 gram solution 6 grams of distilled water.

  22. can i do the same formate my SF sonic PBX1000 Battery 100ah. because bakeup is very low its work for 10mins only……..please can you explane the fully what i want to do please because before 10 days only my sweet queen born and in my area power cut is there so please reply ASAP

    1) DID i want to drain the water before adding the epsom salt solation?

    2) after adding can i connect the battery in ups on the same day are i want to put the charge ?

    Please rply ASAP iam waiting

    1. no need to empy battery just add solution
      after 1 week check its gravity if low make 1250 to 1270 @ full charge

  23. Sir,
    I have 150ah exide invatubular battery. Kindly clarify the following points :-
    Whether i have to drain the whole acid liquid first?
    Then fill with the above recommended solution?
    After two week i have to drain the whole recommended solution?
    and again required to fill with the acid solution.

    Kindly suggest the quantity of epson solution and acid solution.

    Please reply

  24. Good one , some times more and more queries confuses more than understanding , hats off to admin for replying all with patience

  25. Dear Admin
    I drain out all the acid and put the MGSO4 +H2o solution in battery and connect it with UPS. After that battery starts giving better backup and gradually reached at 1 hour backup. before one day when I have to flush the battery , it starts giving backup of only 10 min only. Then I flushed the battery with water and put back the old acid which I removed from battery. After connecting with UPS now it gives backup of only 30 min. My question is that should I refill the battery with new electrolyte (acid). Is this the reason behind low backup ? Waiting for your reply.

  26. sir kya 1 ye solution daal k sath hi ups k sath laga k use karna hai ya 1 WEEk k bad battery ko ups k sath lagana hai?
    plz reply!

  27. AOA
    Ali Sultan sahib
    ye bataen k battery k cell short kiyun hota hain aur is ka treatment kia ha. Aap k keemti mashwaray ka intizar rahaga.

    1. If you do not maintain the solution level i.e. if you do not keep the level upto max mark n due to charging cells dry up they will short circuit.sometimes if new batteries are not charged properly or the ups malfunctions during charging i.e. it never stops cells will dry up n shortcircuit will take place. have a nice day take care

  28. sir i have dead 200 ampr ags battery i drained all the battery acid and water and then i put epsom salt mix together with distilled water in the battery now the battery backup is increase time to time its have given to me almost 2hours backup which is working fine but i noticed that the ups continously charing the battery every time and its never stop when battery will be fully charged and the outer area of the battery is getting too hot when i touched it so i cut off the ups manully to stop there over charging. please provide me the solution of the problem and how can i slove this issue .

    1. from your statement it is not clear whether after conducting the exercise did you flush with water n filled proper sulfuric acid solution or not? if it is not proper ups will keep on charging.

  29. AOA

    Koi muje batae
    meri battery k 5 cells ki specific gravity 1250 rahti ha magar 1 cell ki specific gravity 1100 tak rahti ha. battery ko 4-6 hours k lia charge karta hoon( external charger se charging) tou gravity 1250 tak aa jati ha lakin jab battery ko UPS se connect karta hoon tou aglay din dobara specific gravity 1100 par aa jati ha. is cell mein kia problem ha.

    Allah Hafiz

  30. AOA
    Agar battery per sulphated naheen ha aur 2 years use ho chuki ha aur battery ka back up time short ho gaya ha tou kia EPSOM salt wala method kaam kare ga

  31. sir … ma na 12 twelve month pahlay aik batery volta 240volt ki le ha lakin wo ab 2week se back up time bohat kam show karti ha … wo arround 30 min ma khatam hojati ha nd 45 minut ma full charge hojati ha kya karu to working well kr ta hae…mag sul epson salt khan se milay ga rwp isb me her jaga dhoonda foto b dikhai whole sale me b dhoonda ni mila.. .. plz tell me the best solution …khan se milay ga…aur cup size kitna ho????…\\\\

    1. Zeshan Bachay, AOA,

      This procedure is for a battery which has done service for two years or so.I think one of your cells is short while charging feel the temperature of cells by feeling with your hand.If some cell is hot battery has problem.You can buy this chemical from any shop where medical equipment or school /college laboratory chemicals are sold I live in Peshawar you are welcome to consult me


  32. what is exact procedure to do it ?

    should i first fully charge battery ?
    then remove all electrolyte ?
    then prepare mixture of distiled water and Epsom salt ? how much epsom salt to how much of water ? should i also boil or heat it and how much heat ? and should i pour it hot in battery ?
    then fill the cells with this mixture ?

    then what ? how long should it stay in battery ? is it used as replacemt for electrolyte ?
    how should i charge it ?
    for how long to charge it ?
    when and how to flush it out ?

    after it is flushed should new 1250 sg electrolyte be poured into it ?

  33. do we need to keep the battery removed from UPS after putting the Epsom? or I could reconnect the battery having Epsom in it? please do respond.

  34. I have heard that old battery dealers use Epsom salt to revive almost dead batteries. I wonder if it can really help on the long run. I mean batteries can be made usable for another 1 or two years.

  35. Another old trick is to use an ASPIRIN.
    Uncoated aspirin, not the coated type. One in each cell. Similar effect.

    I did this on a car battery.

  36. This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to keep a
    reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was
    almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.

    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  37. sir i have 132 amp AGS battery 150 gram enough Epsom salt for one battery ??? and 2Cup its tea cup size or what ? will u tell us in ML PLEAS

  38. Hello, Thank you very much for sharing this insightful information. I have new 200amp batteries which i have not used for last two years. I have shown it to few technicians who are telling me that the battery has been dead. I still have acid in the battery, so should I top it up with epsom salt and distilled water or should i change its acid first and put epsom salt?

    Would really appreciate your response.

      1. Thank you for your reply! I have one more question, should I top it up with epsom salt only or the with the mixture of solution(epsom and distilled water heated) ?and do I need to charge the battery after that or let it sit for two weeks?


      1. Will 2 coup solution be enough to fill the required battery water level? Or do we need to put extra distilled water?

  39. I have golf cart batteries, and generator batteries. Can I do it to this batteries? Please also reply to my email. Am about to replace 12 gocart batteries and two generator batteries.

  40. Hi Admin
    I noticed in the picture that you used APC computer UPS (which comes with maint free batteries) with external Lead Acid batteries. Have you installed a separate battery charger for it or the built in charger unit in the APC UPS works fine with it?

    Would appreciate you response in it
    Thanks .

  41. Yea. It worked like a dream. I have 175Ah battery which was not giving backup more than 20 min. Now, its giving about 1 hour (gradually increasing) can you please tell me can I use this trick second and third time? 😉 😛

    1. Well done admin. I have heard about this technique but not tried. Now I have tried this on my OSAKA 175Ah UPS battery. It was previously giving backup of 30 min. Now after trying this method my battery starts giving backup of 1 hour plus. Almost 2 weeks has been passed and now I will replace the Epsom salt solution with proper Electrolyte.
      I want to know what brand is reliable for electrolyte.

      Rao Amjad Ali

    2. after adding this solution in battery, can we use it or we have to wait for how much time?? and can we charge it with ups or special charger?

  42. Thanks Admin for sharing such a good cheap trick, i have two batteries (AGS 6 FT 115) 6 cells (there are 6 caps if that count to cells), how much solution do i need to add in each battery ? Can i use battery water in the solution ?
    Please advise.

    Also the batteries are 2.5 years old and now giving low back up time and tends to heat a lot on charging and consume battery water more often/regularly. Does the condition of these batteries are fit for this trick ?
    Please advise.

    Thank you and waiting for your reply 🙂

    1. Admin will not reply to this question because he has already answered many times. Read all answers and you will get your answer.

  43. Can I use this trick for my car battery
    I have to charge this battery continuously or not.?

    And how many days I have to charge it?

  44. Thank you for the info. This trick will surely address the plight
    of our brothers in the rural areas wanting in electrical supply
    due to the destruction brought about by tropical storms.
    God bless you.

  45. sir amjeth i used epsom salt (mixed with distilled water) in battery liquid but it over the high level of liquid..then i used sucker and liquid suck from battery to high level…but this time my trick is 3 days left but battery have 20 minute backup.. first day it appear 35 minute backup…..plz guide what i do? repeat this trick or what i do?

  46. Mr Naveen..
    You can be able to connect an additional of another one battery, Not more than that.. Bcoz your Inverter Transformer wil have the capable for charging one battery only.. So please read the below instructions and calculate the power of an transformer inside the OLD TVS UPS whether its having the capable of charging an another battery..

    Except Automobile Battery – The batteries used for any appliance that can be charged with 10(Min) – 20(Max) % of its Voltage and Current.

    Example: Charging Current of an 12V / 100AH Battery

    12V Battery + 10% of the battery Volt
    12 + 1.2 = 13.2 V
    12V Battery + 20% of the Battery volt
    12 + 2.4 = 14.4V
    So the Charging Voltage for a 12V battery should between 13.2 to 14.4V

    For an example of a 100AH Battery the charging current should be 10% to 15 % of the battery current used for Charging (i.e AH Capacity of the battery)
    AH (Ampere Hour) Capacity of an Battery x Percent (10 – 15) / Hundred
    100 x 10 / 100 = 10 Amps
    100 x 15 / 100 = 15 Amps
    So the Charging current for the 100 AH battery should be 10 and to a Maximum of 15 Amps

    Note: If u try to charge the battery with low Amps Transformer for High power battery it may get burn due to drawing of more current by the Battery for its charging..

    Hope you understand..

  47. Arahman where did you found the salt from I am also in search of it in Lahore so I can do this trick too thanks if you can guide me

  48. sir i use your trick of epsom salt kindly tell me my battey from 2 days give equal backup ((40 minute backup ).. any step which i taken for better backup???

  49. sir kindly guide me i cheked epsom salt every ware from all big medical stores from attolk, rawalpindi but they have not got me….

  50. I have my beetel UPS for Desktop .Its not getting backup .can I use this technique for the Desktop UPS batteries
    give me suggestion

  51. Q is my battery is going to expire. plates are but not so nice
    what is your suggestion Epsom salt solution will work
    second thing :why the replacement of caps is necessary ???

  52. kindly tell me i have 100 Ah battery which is repaired by epsom salt solution … i can use this battery with brand new 100 Ah battery in parralel with UPS?

  53. kindly tell me i have 100 Ah battery which is repaired by epsom salt solution … i can use this battery with brand new 100 Ah battery?

      1. I have a problem, I read the solution you specified and as it read 2/3 cups of magnesium salt, I did the trick with 2 cups of magnesium salt (approx 500 mg). It is been two days now. Please suggest what to do next? should drain the solution out and refill it with clean distilled water?

        1. Now you need to charge your batteries to the max and drain them a few times. After 2 weeks, replace this solution with new Sulphuric acid solution of 1250 sp.gravity. You can get that from any battery retailer

        2. Thanks for your reply, I need little more clarification so that I don’t get wrong this time.

          1. The time interval between the drains? and approx how many times to drain?
          2. Until two weeks battery will be kept off the charge?
          3. After two weeks, the entire solution will be replaced with Sulphuric Acid of 1250 gravity or some distilled water added?


      1. Admin I follow your mentioned steps ang got miraculous results but i wanted to know that how to check the sp gravity of sulphuric acid before using?
        Or can i use to replace Magnesium water to distilled water after 2 weeks?

        Your precious reply ll be appreciated.
        Thanks sir

        1. For gravity, you can use a device that costs 2 dollars, and it is available with battery retailers.
          Yes you can replace magnesium water with normal sulphuric acid water after 2 weeks

  54. sir i have 48 AH 12 volt lead acid car battery now its backup is 10 minute left..i use this battery with ups.our load shedding is one hour. so this battery is sufficient for us .. kindly tell me what quantity of Epsom salt and distil water i use ?

  55. The method is called chelation. The trapping of free metallic ions into a new chemical inert substance.
    EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid) is more effective but may be harder to obtain, used in the same manner.
    This system is often used in histopathology to remove calcium from bones prior to processing for microscopy.

  56. please let me know should we drained all acid which was in battery.or we should mix new solution in the old acid..

  57. Admin, it is a great discovery if works. I have batteries which are already empty and the acid and water in it is already been taken out, please tell me should I put it in again before adding epsom solution or not?
    P.S. Don’t get pissed on so many questions 😛

    1. In this case, you can put in a concentrated solution of epsom salt in the batteries for 3-4 days, then drain it out and Pour in new Acid Solution that you can get from a battery shop. That would work.

  58. You should have elaborated that before filling the battery by this solution in these caps. Should these have been drained out fully, or not.I mean the water and acid inside?

    1. No need to drain out the acid solution. Just top up the battery to factory levels with Epsom salt solution. If batteries are already full, take out some fluid with a sucker

  59. My battery is now dead i was planning to buy a new one .But You give me a trick i will try out this trick hope it will work….I will tell about that after doing this trik

  60. this things work only for non-maintenance battery, where you have the removable cap for pouring your prepared solution not with the maintenance-free ones which are very common today.

  61. to Naveen, never combine new battery with old one.not advisable. parallel connection – positive to positive and negative to negative will increase the current capacity.meaning it will last longer with the same load you have before.

  62. Well are you talking about IPS or UPS? Or technically IPS and UPS are same? In Bangladesh we call small battery based alternative power supply units as UPS or Uninterpretable Power Supply which we use for computers. On the other hand we call IPS or Instant Power Supply to big alternative power supply units which we use for our home appliances like fan, light, TV, Fridge etc. I guess the trick will work for both kind of batteries?

  63. its good to know that but will we completely clean the battery from acid and water it has before and when the battery performance is achieved after this method is applied. when to clean again or let this solution be in battery

  64. hello.
    i want a suggestion, i am using a old tvs ups for my PC, which run on 12v lead acid battery. i want to increase the back up time. by adding the extra batteries to it. please tell me in which way an do this. if possible can i connect a inverter battery (120 Ah) to it, if not possible atleast can i connect extra two 12 volts 12Ah batters in parallel to inside battery..

    please help me….