Enjoy Coffee While Fish Swim Near Your Feet At This Flooded Cafe In Vietnam

All sorts of cafe are springing up over the world. Cafes that are libraries in disguise, cafes for cat loving people, animal cafes with cute pandas, or cafes with parrots or even owls are running in different countries and it no longer surprises us.

But this particular cafe goes one step ahead, it is actually FLOODED!

Credits: EFE

The Amix Cafe at Ho Chi Minh City at Vietnam serves you coffee while you sit ankle deep in water with fish swimming about your feet.

The cafe was opened up last year by Nguyen Duoc Hoa. He wanted to open an animal cafe with a twist.

“I wanted to create a unique concept, that did not exist in any other place. I am from a coastal city, I love fish and thought it was a good way to create a business combining innovation and my hobby,”

Hoa said regarding the idea.

Implementing the idea was not easy however as two 20 square inch floors had to be flooded with water which required over five thousand litres of water. Moreover, keeping the water clean is also quite a task.

The water is kept clean via a triple filtration system which changes a quarter of the water every 12 hours to keep the water hygienic. The first floor has about a hundred small fish and the 2nd one has Japenese carps.

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