This New Phone Is So Thin That You Can Slip It into Your Wallet


Carrying around a phone AND  a wallet can be a such a nuisance. Especially when the clothes you’re wearing do not have a pocket.

Seems like the Japanese Company Kyocera had this in mind when it made its new “card Phone”, the KY-O1L.


The worlds thinnest phone?

NTT Docomo, the Japanese carrier which will stock the phone claims that KY-O1L is the world’s thinnest smartphone.

The phone is about the size of a credit card (but not in depth) weighs about 47g. The phone is thicker than a credit card when it comes to depth and measures 91mm×55mm×5.3mm.

Credits: Docomo


KY-O1L would not have either of Apple or Android Operating System and would not have any app store. The phone will not have a camera either. Nevertheless, the phone will have its own web browser, calculator and a calendar app and has  LTE connectivity, so it can be argued that calling the phone a smartphone would not be incorrect.

The phone is coming to NTT Docomo ¥32,000 in late November this year.


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