Tesla Will Soon Have A Dog Mode, Tweets Elon Musk

Musk’s tweets keep him in the limelight.This time Musk has tweeted about a “dog” mode for Teslas and people are actually excited.

Musk’s tweet is good news for dog lovers who would like to have their cars more dog-friendly.

A Twitter user asked Musk if Teslas would add a “Dog Mode” in future to help keep cars safe for pets.Tesla replied with a Yes and the tweet is now hailed to be a confirmation of the future Tesla’s coming with a pet mode.


The idea does seem plausible especially considering that Tesla’s already come with a self-regulating internal temperature mechanism. A Dog Mode can simply build on that by adding a few features on top of that.

While this is not a formal announcement, we think this may well be an excellent addition to Teslas and electric cars equipped to handle dogs or other pets safe during extreme weather will make life  a bit more easy for pet owners.

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