Elon Musk Says Tesla Wants To Build A Humanoid Robot That Could Replace Human Workers

Robots replacing humans as the workforce is no more a fantasy. The Tesla supremo Elon Musk revealed at Tesla AI Day that besides developing electric cars and solar power, they are now working on building a humanoid that is soon to replace humans.

Musk, who spoke at the event designed as a recruiting tool for AI engineers, said that “Tesla is essentially becoming a robotics company thanks to all of its work with artificial intelligence and fully self-driving cars, since what else is a fully self-driving car but a “robot on wheels”?

Tesla and Musk are dead serious about getting the humanoid on its feet ASP. It is poised to be a game-changer in the field of robotics. However, humanoid robots have all sorts of challenges that wheeled robots do not, so it might be better to leave the humanoid machines to Boston Dynamics.

The event’s main purpose was to lure in AI engineers and researchers to come work for Tesla. But, it might also play a role in changing the minds of a few researchers who’d prefer developing a humanoid rather than going for basic development. In short, opting for Tesla over Google.

Musk has so far maintained a positive demeanour about his humanoid project. He has maintained that the development of the humanoid has nothing to do with eliminating the grumbling peasants, which is a good approach to the overall project. 

Having said that, the fact that his organisation has been bombarded with allegations of anti-union behaviour cannot be ignored. The murky circumstances around the firing of hundreds of employees at one plant, with large numbers of pro-union organizers among those fired after an “annual review.”

Musk and Tesla have never been very forthcoming when it comes to looking after their employees. So it cannot be completely ruled out that the tech giant is building an army of slave labourers in the garb of the humanoid. But the CEO still maintains that it has nothing to do with mass labour but is all about human welfare, and for now, we will have to believe the man.  

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