What Is The Most Unnecessary Way To Fix A Clock? This Engineer Has The Answer


What’s the fun in fixing a broken clock by adding a new pair of batteries when you can reap the benefits of technology and build a robotic arm just for that purpose?

Developer Hendrik did just that and demonstrated it on Instagram how you don’t need to fix a broken clock the traditional way when you can program a small robotic arm to tell you the time and let’s be honest, robots are going to take over the world anyway, so why not take advantage and put them to work for the time being? (no pun intended)

The legendary developer deployed a DIY robotic arm named VerServer Michael (thanks to the internet) using a 3D printer and brought it to life using a Dynamixel XL330-M288-T series of servos, Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 module and a Raspberry Pi. If you’re interested in fixing a broken clock yourself using the assistance of a robotic arm, then you can find the full program on Developer Hendrik’s GitHub account.

The basic functionality of the robotic arm is to tell time (because obviously, that’s its one job) By using servos, it gives it a high level of precision and it can move the hour and minute hands of a clock at the exact speed and accuracy that the normal hands of a clock work. In a sense, the robotic arm’s job is to assist the actual hands of a clock and move them at the exact time. While VerServer Micheal is only proficient in one job right now, who knows, maybe in the future it could be used to do other small everyday tasks and just like that, take over humanity one day. But we’re not worried about that, for now…


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