Elon Musk Is Hiring A Watchtower Guard For The Boring Company

the boring company watchtower knight guard job

The founder and CEO of The Boring Company, Elon Musk, recently took to Twitter to announce a job opportunity. He said that the company is building a watchtower in Los Angeles out of the dirt which they dug from their tunnel system and they need a knight for that tower. He also followed up the tweet with a picture of a dream tower, which is not theirs of course.

According to the job description, the watchtower guard will work just two days. Will that is two days a week? A month? Or two days ever? No one knows that. However, Musk likes to keep his fans curious and guessing for the right answer. He also included the details of how much it will cost a person to argue with the watchtower knights. There is not much detail available, however, you can submit your serious queries and resume to jobs@boringcompany.com.

There are many other job openings at the Boring Company as well. Electrical engineers, fluid power engineers, industrial automation engineers, TBM operators, and mechanics are among the few positions open at the company. Musk announced in September that the Boring Company would sell bricks made of the dirt from tunnels at 10 cents each piece. He said that the blocks could be obtained for free if they are being used for affordable housing projects.

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