Elon Musk Has Seized The @X Username From The Person Who Owned It

Elon Musk recently made headlines when he claimed the @X username on Twitter and changed the platform’s name to “X.” However, this move left the previous owner of the @X account, Gene X Hwang, feeling frustrated and uncompensated after holding it for an impressive 16 years.

Orange Photography, a San Francisco-based business that specializes in event photography, was founded with Gene X Hwang. He joined Twitter early since he lived in the Bay Area and was able to get the one-letter username “X” back in 2006. He had developed a distinct identity with this alias over the years.

Hwang had expected that his handle may be hijacked if Twitter’s name change was made public. Even yet, he had hoped for some sort of payment, especially given the rumors that valuable usernames might be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, when his account was frozen, he didn’t get any money back.

Twitter merely sent him an email informing him that they were taking over his account. This left Hwang disappointed, as he had built a significant online presence around the @X handle over the years. The compensation offered by Twitter was lackluster, consisting of company swag and an offer to meet the management team.

Hwang’s new handle, @x12345678998765, is far less memorable and impactful than the original “X” username, which adds to his frustration. Nevertheless, Hwang seems to be taking the situation in stride. He tweeted from his new account, expressing a positive outlook on the matter, stating that “[all’s] well that ends well.”

As for Elon Musk, the mastermind behind the Twitter name change and @X takeover, he has not publicly addressed the situation. It remains uncertain whether Musk personally orchestrated the takeover or if it was carried out by others within Twitter’s management.

This incident brings attention to the complexities surrounding username ownership and management on social media platforms. While it is challenging to establish a fair compensation system for such occurrences, it serves as a reminder of the impact on individuals who have invested time and effort into building their online identities.

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