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Download Rome HD Wallpapers: The Beauty Of 3,000-Year-Old Ancient History

Rome wallpaper 22

What do you often see on the search engine result of “Rome wallpapers” keyword? The football team AS Roma, the mouthwatering pizza, the ruins of Roman Forum, or the city’s piazza? Rome, the capital of Italy, is more than those! Populated by six million people, Rome holds the beauty of architecture, culture, and influential art. The people of Italy are friendly and talkative. You would notice how they use a lot of body gesture to send their message.

The Colosseum for example, also called The Flavian Amphitheatre, was built in the 70 AD by ancient Roman. Walk through the Roman emperor, Caesar, on the cobblestones structure of Roman Forum. If you are more into art, you can find one of the Italy’s influential arts in Rome. The Sistine Chapel, in the Apostolic Palace of Vatican, will amaze you by its mesmerizing architecture and sculpture such us the wonderful work of Michelangelo on the ceiling.

These are just a few among a bunch of Rome’s wonders. Explore the city on a local scooter and don’t miss any corner. Or you can walk along the city side with locals. Complete your Rome wallpapers collection now with the beauty of Pantheon, Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill, Caster Sant’Angelo, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Altare della Patria, Hadian’s Villa, Arch of Constantine, and many others!

If you end up meeting locals and fall for one of them, get yourself some coins and throw them into the Trevi Fountain. The legend started from the ancient belief that water is a gift from the gods. Therefore, people throw coins into water as a form of praising and thanking them. Now the belief has changed. Throw one coin and you’ll be back in Rome. Throw two coins and you’ll fall in love with a Roman. Throw three coins and you’ll marry your loved ones. So grab some coins, stand against the fountain, and throw them using your right hand over your left shoulder.

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Rome wallpaper 22


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