Italy Wallpapers: The Wonder of Pisa and the Taste of Pizza

Italy wallpaper 13

Italy is the land of Pasta and Pizza, mamma mia! You can find them in every corner of Italian street, especially in Naples, where the pizza was invented for the first time. Served at their best taste of various local ingredients, Italian foods will melt your mouth and heart. Not in the mood for savory food? Get a scoop of gelato! Once you have the taste of it, Italian food and ice cream served in the restaurants back home will never be the same again!

Over sixty millions of people are populating the country. As one of the most ancient and religious place in the world, Italy holds a magnificent set of natural beauty and historical sculptures. The Colosseum in Rome is one of its famous sites as we oftentimes see it on Italy wallpapers all around the world.  Also called The Flavian Amphitheatre, it was built by ancient Roman in the 70 AD.

Don’t forget the world’s one and only country-city, Vatican. Enter the Sistine Chapel, and be amazed by the wonderful work of Michelangelo on the ceiling. Lies in the Apostolic Palace, it is the official residence of the Pope.

Calcio. Italian soccer has been the local people second religion. Even if you are not a sport fan, this will bring you the feeling that you will not experience anywhere else. Join the locals to cheers for their local team. Feel the cheers, boos, and waves.

Want to see the peaceful yet crowded side of Italian city? Travel through Venice on a gondola. The Grand Canal offers you the world’s best water-traffic experience. Best time to go there is during the night, when you can the sparkling city lights beautifully reflected on the water. Visit these places and bring home your own photo collections for your Italy wallpapers.



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