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HD New York Wallpapers Are A Depiction Of Western Culture And Symbolism

Known as the Big Apple, the state of New York is the world’s most densely populated urban agglomerations with approximately more than eight million people living in the area. As seen on movies, music video clips, news, New York pictures, or New York wallpapers: The Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center; New York is all about metropolitan life. The twin towers of World Trade Center (WTC), which is now ground zero, lies in the middle of it. With a strong history of United States immigration, the state also holds an important diplomacy function as there lies the United Nation (UN) Headquarters. Another historical site of New York can be found in Ellis Island, the gateway of millions of immigrants from 1892 to 1954.

The state of New York is populated by various races. Regardless, English is the state language with American accent. Various dialects of English may be found here though. Chinese is one of them. The Chinese population is the highest in any of states of America as can be seen by the growing Chinatown in Manhattan. China is famous with its affordable products, so is Chinatown. Another famous object oftentimes found in one of New York wallpapers is the Statue of Liberty. It lies in New York Harbor as a symbol of United States of America’s concept of ideal, freedom, democracy, and opportunity.

New York is also known with its U.S. Army academy, West Point, among other universities such as the University of Albany, Binghamton University, and Stony Brook University.

Music concerts and gig lovers would have heard the name of Madison Square Garden (MSG). It is actually the major sporting facility in this state’s metropolitan area from boxing, basketball, to ice hockey. The latest development of the venue gives over eighteen thousands of seats capacity.

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