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Designer Unveils Concept Of New Tesla Electric Pickup And Its Breathtaking

Check Out Concept Of Tesla Electric Pickup Truck By Emre Husmen!

Staying true to his persona, Elon Musk has teased the Internet with his tweet of Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck. The image doesn’t give a lot of details; however, Elon has promised the Tesla fans that it will not look like any traditional truck. We wouldn’t have expected anything less than the famous electric car company!

Designers from all over the Internet are busy making use of their skills to interpret the Elon’s teaser tweet in and order to render what the future vehicle will look like as per their imagination. Among these designers is Emre Husmen, a Turkish designer who has come up with a concept for the electric pickup truck. The concept has already gone viral and been brought to our attention. Let’s take a closer look at this concept of the electric pickup truck, shall we?

Dubbed as Tesla Model P, Husmen provides up with different concepts in varying colors of the electric pickup truck. The design features a hammerhead look and showcases a humongous futuristic update to any pick-up truck that you might have seen on the road.

The Husmen Tesla electric pickup truck maintains a majority of the design language that was seen in the Model X. It has a solid signature front along with fenders that flow into an elegantly streamlined windshield and roof. The head and tail lights are sleek and eye-catching. They merge into the angular curves of the electric pickup truck. The design is not only elegant but clean as well, and we won’t be surprised if it turns out to be similar or too close to the actual design.

The final design, however, remains unknown while there are rumors that the electric pickup truck might be making its debut by the end of 2019. Musk has mentioned a few specs on Twitter stating that it would be a 6-seater while being massive or to use the official language, ‘big enough that Andre the Giant’ will be able to sit in the front seat comfortably. Tesla’s pickup truck will reportedly have a range of 400-500 miles and a towing capacity of 300,000lbs. A dual motor all-wheel-drive powertrain featuring dynamic suspension will also be considered standard on the truck. Oh, by the way, the truck will also be able to float.

Do let us know what you think of the design by Husmen and your thoughts on Tesla’s electric pickup truck!