WATCH: Tesla Cybertruck Hits the Streets of New York

Remember that cool Minecraft-Esque Cybertruck Tesla revealed back in 2019? Well, it just took a stroll through New York streets. The Cybertruck turned a lot of heads due to its unique design and being at least a head taller than every other vehicle on the street. It’s unclear if this was a regularly scheduled test drive or something Elon Musk decided on a whim ahead of his new hosting job on Saturday Night Live or SNL.

Critics were largely divided on Cybertruck’s blocky design as it reminded them of the cars from old video games with their square pixel designs. Some fans however loved it. The official account of Cybertruck’s manufacturer, Tesla, also released a video showcasing the vehicle cruising through the streets on Saturday.

You can view the original Tweet below.

Queue the Cyberpunk music because that truck looks straight out of 2077. The electric pickup truck can be seen with high-powered headlights and also top lights that are sure to shine some light on the unfortunate drivers driving ahead of it. Surprisingly, those top lights are not even legal according to New York state law. Making this test drive actually illegal.

Especially due to the fact that the Cybertruck has no side mirrors while the law indicates that all vehicles in the state of New York are required to have outside side mirrors. Yes, the argument can be that the truck has an internal side view camera system but as of right now, it is still illegal to drive the truck in New York. Maybe they’ll revise the laws after the truck is officially released.

The truck was also seen last Friday, driving around in Times Square, prompting a lot of pedestrians to take videos and snaps of the glaring beast. You can take a look at one of the videos below.

The Cybertruck will apparently release in the second quarter of 2021, according to Elon Musk who tweet the details. He said that “Update probably in Q2. Cybertruck will be built at Giga Texas, so focus right now is on getting that beast built”.

With the pandemic going on, you should take the estimated release with a pinch of salt as it’s most likely to be delayed.

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