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14 Hacks That Are Unethical But Genius At The Same Time

We have been writing a lot about various life hacks. It was only a matter of time before we succumbed to the dark side (they do have cookies) and provided you with a list of unethical life hacks. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of it;

1. Purchase an appliance that is identical to the one you have broken, swap them, and then return the broken appliance for a refund.

2. You can lie about your kid’s age at an amusement park or buffet for getting cheaper prices.

3. You can get yourself a free drink at Starbucks by pretending that your order was taken.

How does this work? Ask your friend to order a drink, pick it up, and leave. After a few minutes, the friend will walk back to the counter and say that they never got their drinks.

4. You can eat for free at a major hotel’s free continental breakfast. Simply show up and walk in as if you belong!

5. You can enjoy free meals at Chipotle by making use of a debit card without having enough money in it.

As per a manager, Chipotle allows you to leave with free food if your card doesn’t authorize because speed and efficiency are critical to Chipotle’s bottom line.

6. You get to have a free extra carry-on by asking for the airport gift shop’s gift bag.

7. You can always buy expensive clothing and wear it to an event only to return it the next day.

8. You can read online subscription news for free by deleting the cookies in your web browser.

9. One of the evergreen hacks; you can use your college/student ID for discounts ever after graduating.

10. You can use pennies instead of quarters in laundry machines that have coin-slot.

Be sure to flick the pennies in though!

11. Did you know that the best public bathrooms are in expensive hotels in your city?

12. You can take advantage of ‘hidden city ticketing’ for getting a cheaper plane ticket.

Instead of buying a ticket for A:B, get a ticket for A:B:C and get off at B. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to take luggage with you this way. Or you might want to look for a flight that offers an extended stopover at B allowing you to leave with your luggage.

13. You can use the magazine subscription details from any lobby or waiting room.

Take pictures of the account/info/address/barcode printed on the magazine, and you will be able to access the digital versions online.

14. You can always spill a drink on the seats in front of you at the cinema to make sure there isn’t anyone in the row next to you!