MSDollar Is A New Altcoin For Those Looking For Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency investment is investing in a virtual currency that is decentralized, de-regulated and uses complex cryptography to make transactions anonymous and untraceable. You must have heard of bitcoin and how it provides an alternative to the banking problems of the world. More and more people are interested in buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of the security, anonymity, avoidance of taxes, sound investment, and ever-increasing market cap. It has given more returns back to its investors than stock exchanges and commodities exchanges combined!

The crypto revolution started in the West especially USA where unjust taxes and regulations and hurting the economy. But, lately, the biggest backer of altcoin has been the Asian countries with Japan, China, South Korea and South East Asia taking the lead. There are various reasons why people here are interested in this alternative currency but the most popular reason is its potential as an investment, both for long-term and short term.

Conventional currencies or fiat currencies as we call them are against this expansion of cryptocurrencies. The banks and other financial institutions believe that the cryptocurrency is a bubble that will burst soon because of its lack of backing by something of value. The truth is that even though cryptocurrencies inflate regularly, the market has an inherent quality of correcting itself. Regarding being backed by something physical is all about preference. I would say having an unhackable system with anonymous transactions can be considered to be invaluable. The regular currencies don’t have that.

Cryptocurrencies are starting to become really popular in Asia. From an abused skilled worker in Bangladesh who wants control over her finances to rich brokers in China and Japan. The process of buying and selling bitcoin has become a lot easier than before. You just need to download the right coin app for your mobile, desktop or tablet, fill in basic details and you are good to go. You can buy directly with the help of your debit card and then trade across the cryptocurrency spectrum. While this approach is the most common, there is another approach through which you can use your investment and that is

While this approach is the most common, there is another approach through which you can use your investment and that is through investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ICOs are just like Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the stock market when a company releases public shares on the exchange for the very first time. They then use the money raised from the IPO to invest in their business. Coin ICOs are for the exact same purpose. A new coin entering the market releases its first batch of coins at a discounted price for crowdfunding. If it meets their goal, the company starts investing in the infrastructure they promised and investors get their returns in the form of increased equity in the coming months and in some cases earnings per coin.

Investing in a promising coin’s ICO can yield really profitable returns. MSDollar is one of the new startups offering coins as part of their ongoing ICO. With its wide 15-million consumer base from the popular e-commerce store,  the ICO will offer over 30 billion coins at a rate of 0.10 cents per coin over a timeframe. The total market cap will be $3 billion dollars and you can avail these coins at a discounted rate on the ICO. You can follow the link for more information on the coin.

The ICO is basically a funding approach for its new wallet going by the same name, MSDollar. It promises to be a stellar way to trade around cryptocurrencies and keep your coins safe from hacking. Wallet holders will also get amazing discounts on its e-commerce platform.

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