DropBox Business Is The Perfect Tool For Quick User-Friendly Collaboration

Services like DropBox are almost divine for students, especially the ones who count on the books and notes shared by the “nerds of the group” to download and study the night before the exam. I was already very well acquainted with the DropBox when I joined Wonderful Engineering. My boss briefed me on how they were using the “Dropbox Business” for resource sharing and task assignment.

I overheard once, when my boss was talking about options like remote wipe and password-protected links in DropBox business. Then I realized that I was missing out a lot of its features!

In our workplace, almost all of the tasks and work assignments are given directly through Dropbox Business, thanks to its user-friendly and powerful collaboration tools. Though I was satisfied with my 2 GB storage on the free plan previously, but finding the unlimited storage along with a host of powerful administrator tools, user management, universal deletion, and version history is one of the reasons behind this well-oiled machine, our blogging team.

Back in the university, file sharing was a huge bummer since we had to bear with the undependable LAN connections to correspond to each other. There was also a huge risk of the plethora of virus on the network attacking the device. With Dropbox Business, I don’t have to deal with any of this crap anymore. There is no threat of data losses or connectivity issues. I even have an option to mark some files as favorites, which makes them available offline, adding to my convenience.

After finishing an article or news piece, I simply drag the Word file and add it in the team folder. In that folder, it is available to everyone with the viewing privileges to view and edit the files as well.  You can also share a folder or document link set as public or restricted.

Separate editing permissions are also possible for individual folders and files. Hence, I can pick and choose the people I want to share a particular file with.

After a couple of weeks, I was assigned a job to report in real time. I had to send pictures and information back to the office, so that the blogging team could compile them. Again, Dropbox Business came to my rescue. I used Dropbox’s mobile app, took the pictures of the events, and sent all the details and required information to the company folder without even opening my laptop. Tagging a team member with the @ symbol made it easier than ever to give specific directions and bringing the concerned person’s attention to the matter. I even got to try the Dropbox scanning feature where documents can be scanned and sent over by using the mobile phone. This helped me to focus on my reporting rather than fixing the technical quirks, and allowed me to prove my mettle as a technology reporter.

All in all, my work has been made incredibly easier, and Dropbox Business has saved me loads of precious time and effort while helping me to collaborate and convey my message more effectively with my peers and admins alike.

You need to try it!

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