Now You Can Use iPhone’s Touch ID When Wearing Gloves Using This Cool Trick

In the painfully long list of the problems brought in by the winter, using a smart device with your gloves on is certainly at the top. Scrolling the phone with your mittens on is a real pain in the back. However, today is your lucky day, as we are going to reveal how you can use your smartphone without exposing your bare hands to the punishing and unforgiving winters.

The problem of scrolling can be solved by using capacitive touch friendly gloves. They have special capacitive covers on the tips of fingers that help you to use your phone seamlessly, no matter how cold the weather is.

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Now coming to the problem of the touch ID on your Apple phone, how can you unlock your phone with your gloves on? The first logical action would be to remove the option of Touch ID (or whatever fingerprint sensor you are using) and use the passcode option to unlock your phone.

But why compromise when you can pair your Apple ID with your gloves! The same capacitive material gloves can be used, and its ridges and bumps surprisingly work with the iPhone’s Touch ID training system.

To make the magic happen, simply open the iPhone’s Settings and go to Touch ID & Passcode. Tap on the “Add a Fingerprint” button. Then, follow the instructions and place your finger on the home button while still wearing the gloves. Repeat until your phone successfully pairs with your fingertip.

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Pretty easy, isn’t it?

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