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Create Your Own High-Velocity Vortex Cannon With This DIY

We have always been supportive of the DIY projects. These projects help inventors explore their knowledge and put it to practical use. Welcome to yet another episode of an amazing DIY project. A YouTube user, NightHawkInLight, has created a high-velocity vortex cannon and has also released a video that you can use to make yourself a high-velocity vortex cannon as well. If you have been itching to build yourself a high-velocity vortex; now is your chance.

The video by NightHawkInLight shows the Youtuber making the high power vortex cannon by making use of simple materials. Be warned though; this is not a regular vortex cannon. According to NightHawkInLight, the vortex gun created in the video is powered by propane and is capable of forming a much powerful vortex.

The vortex gun is capable of quickly forming smoke rings that are able to deliver a good impact. For those of you who don’t know what a vortex cannon is; it is a contraption that fires smoke rings or doughnut-shaped air vortices. These smoke rings can travel up to several meters, and you can usually witness such vortex cannons at entertainment centers.

According to the YouTube video by NightHawkInLight, the materials required for the construction of a vortex cannon can be readily arranged. The YouTube user breaks down every part of the process and can help you in making sure that your vortex cannon is the best vortex cannon in your neighborhood.

You can check out the video below. Do let us know what you think of this amazing DIY and if you will be attempting it. We are also open to hearing about your take on creating vortex cannons. Has anyone of you created a better and more powerful cannon? Time to share it with the rest of our readers!