Crazy Inventor Builds SD Card With Extra Features And 10 Times The Size


It is equipped with flashing LEDs to find it easily upon dropping it, hence you might never misplace all the precious data.

Innovation growing over the years has resulted in shrinking the size of the technology. Everything is getting smaller day by day, making the world go towards invisible computers.

The latest devices are filled with so much technology that we have been seeing transparent TV screens that reflect 4k resolution upon turning on and devices that can project a screen over your wrist or hand.

Now, an inventor has decided to go against where all the technological advancements are leading us and has built a large USB that goes against the latest technological trends.

You’ll witness a USB 10 times bigger than the normal ones in the video below. As the Youtube channel “Useless Mod” has redeveloped a SanDisk Pro SD card, but it’s not small at all. It resembles the original one that is widely being used worldwide. The only difference is that you’ll find all the components in a much bigger size in it.

The smart Youtuber behind the build ensured that his build offers some more interesting features. You won’t be expecting this, but the guy has put some attention to detail. He is more than concerned about losing it, and hence, he has placed an Apple watch inside of it to keep track of it in case of theft or loss.

If you are someone interested in lighthearted builds, this might be the one for you. Hold your tummy tight, as you are in for a lot of laughter with the large build.


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