Reasonance Prototype TV Works Wirelessly Without Needing Any Plugs

Normally when we talk about “cutting the cord,” we are stating detaching the cable or the satellite’s data to the TV and streaming content over Wi-Fi. However, Russian startup Reasonance has a different meaning to cord-cutting. The wireless TV design it showed at CES 2021 ditches the electrical cord and functions through a wireless power transmission and receptors.

The latest TVs have gotten thinner and sleeker in the last decade or so. They could now be mounted on the walls with ease without placing them on a shelf. But even with the sleeker and new designs, they all come with hanging wires that no one likes. These power cables make them appear as one does not desire; another problem that these wires cause is that you can only make TV’s work where you have a power supply nearby.

This asks for wireless power transmission to the TVs that otherwise are advanced and have all the updated features installed. The mark hasn’t been achieved yet. However, reasonance is on the right path to creating it soon.

Their wireless TV works in the absence of a power plug and has a standalone electrical transmitter and receiver coil integrated into the new design. They have explained that their resonance technology is different from other such technologies in development. The company added that the efficiency goes up to 90 percent and will be available at an affordable price compared to electronics used widely.

The newly developed system can send power over a distance of 3.3 feet. It continues to work effectively even when the transmitter and receiver are out of alignment. Reasonance said the transmission distance could even be increased by installing big-sized coils.

The new prototype design comes with an outside receiver coil box on the rear-side of this 40-inch TV. Reasonance stated that the coil could have been placed into the TV, but that way, it would have hindered its sleek design.

The transmitter coil is placed on a table just below, off-centered and vertical concerning the TV. Reasonance said that it could also be installed inside a wall or a furniture piece without hindering its smooth working. The coil system transmits 120 watts of power at 20 to 120 kHz over a distance of 20 inches.

The company believes that the new technology is efficient and caters to the cost issues to the extent where it could be widely available in the consumer electronics segment. Reasonance has patented the technology in Russia and has applied for patents in the EU, the U.S, India, China, Canada, and South Korea. The company has plans to license the new technology to famous TV manufacturers, instead of building a range of its own products.

The video clip below doesn’t contain all the information on this new technology; however, it provides a better idea of what this new hardware set offers. The future might see TV’s and appliances working wirelessly with ease and comfort.

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