Now There Is A Contest For Lamest And Most Useless Robot In Japan


If you are a fan of RoboWars, this might interest and amuse you. Hebocon World Championships is a contest for “Most Useless Robot” held in Japan. Exactly, the robot has to be “useless” to win this competition. This competition was won by Ricky Chan from Hong Kong, and his compatriot Kit Man also won the NicoTsuku award for creativity at the lamest robot competition in the world.

Robot controlled controller robot. Photo: Ricky Chan
Robot controlled controller robot (Photo: Ricky Chan)

Chan built a machine named “Robot-Controlled Controller Robot,” that consisted of two components, a robot that resembled a controller and a controller that resembled a tiger robot.

Flipped over. Photo: Youtube screenshot
Flipped over (Photo: Youtube screenshot)

It is somewhat like RoboWars, but only a little funnier. Instead of trying to collide into and destroy each other, these robots have a simple task: push the other robot off the board. After the announcement of the winner, Chan said:

“At an earlier Hebocon in Hong Kong, I got second place… this is the first time I’ve gotten first place. But before that I thought that getting second place was like getting first place, because it’s not about winning – it’s about trying to do your best to lose with your low tech robot.”


The Flipping Robot:

Kit Man won the creativity award at the championships for his table-flipping robot.

Flipping tables. Photo: Kwok Yiu-tung.
Flipping tables (Photo: Kwok Yiu-tung)
Flipping tables (Photo: Kwok Yiu-tung)

He won the competition because his robot flipped over himself while flipping the table.

You can watch the entire contest here to enjoy these amusing robots.

Let us know about your favorite ones and whether you plan on competing in this contest or not. Afterall, now is a chance to use your lame robots!


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