These 1069 Dancing Robots Just Made A Guinness World Record In China

Making to the book of Guinness World Record is a dream of many, even if it is absurd as eating hundreds of doughnuts, or as innovative as 3D printing of a gigantic object. About a year ago, at the Qingdao Beer Festival held in China, 1007 robots danced in sync to make a Guinness World Record. A year later, China just set a record for “Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously,” and the world witnessed 1069 robots performing a choreographed routine in perfect synchronization.

The performer robots were “Dobi” created by WL Intelligent Technology. Dobi is 47 cm tall robot. It is commercially available, and you can control it with a smartphone app.

WL Intelligent Technology was not the only firm to attempt a feat of this sort. Several other technology companies have been making efforts along the same lines throughout the previous year. The first record was held by UBTECH Robotics that got 540 robots to dance in unison, and Ever Win Company broke that with 1,007 robots of their own.

This particular performance began with 1069 robots, but many of them fell and got disqualified.

Seeing hundreds of robots moving in perfect synchronization sprouts the fear of future where armies of robots may take over our lives. However, these humanoids are so tiny that you won’t find it easy to get out of their cuteness spell.


Watch the little ones creating a Guinness World Record in the video below.


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