Chinese Engineer Builds A 3 Storey Tall Optimus Prime Replica To Propose His Girlfriend

Prime 2

PrimeThis is a sad age we live in, Guys! One has to do something more than ‘ordinary’ to please women nowadays. A mere diamond ring or proposing in a crowd won’t just cut it anymore. It has been done already, you need to come up with new ideas and they need to be executed perfectly. This is what probably led the hero of our story to pull of this feat in order to impress his girlfriend. This guy actually went to great length and built a replica of Optimus Prime that is three stories tall.

OptimusThe replica of Optimus Prime has been executed perfectly and as it can be seen, tiny details have been given due attention. The whole project took the guy over 10 months and employed 400 drawings, 40,000 rivets and above $10,000 for its completion.  The Optimus Prime replica has been made using stainless steel and iron.

PrincessWe wish the couple good luck and hope that they won’t be naming their child Megatron (pun intended). Anyhow, the designer sure did go to great lengths for this model and has emerged successful. We wonder if he would be selling the model, in case they break up!

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