Make Your Own Toys Using Old Computer Hard Drives


With the tech industry advancing at an increasingly rapid pace, most technological gadgets and components become outdated far more quickly than any other products. Hard drives are no exception and many of us have a few of these heavy and now almost useless components from our PC’s. But as the adage goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, these old lumps of metal and plastic can be used to create something new and interesting. Here is a look at the possibilities of what people can create using the old components of their computers. Hopefully it can be a source of inspiration and allow you to create something new and unique for your home.

A model of Manhattan, made by Italian artist, Franco Recchia

toys_from_hard_drives (2)

A robot hand making a fighting machine

toys_from_hard_drives (3)

A robot resembling the ‘Transformers’

toys_from_hard_drives (4)

This looks like a pancake making robot toy

toys_from_hard_drives (5)

A vintage motorbike made using hard drive components

toys_from_hard_drives (6)

Homemade vase with the ability to rotate 360 degrees

toys_from_hard_drives (7)

A clock made using the hard drive from the 2311 created by IBM in the 1960’s

toys_from_hard_drives (8)


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