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Check Out This UV Phone Sanitizer That Will Keep Your Phone Clean

The thought on a lot of peoples’ minds right now is making sure everything in their life is kept as clean as possible. This could be your hands, your house, or even your cell phone. Most people aren’t aware, but the average cell phone is actually 18x dirtier than a public toilet seat…Yuck!
So, needless to say, it’s critical to clean your do-it-all device, regularly.
Not sure how to effectively clean your phone? Well, Totallee, a tech accessory company, has you covered with their brand new UV phone sanitizer. This sanitizer uses powerful, but safe UV rays to automatically sterilize your phone and other gadgets. It uses dual ultraviolet UVB and
UVC bulbs to kill the germs and bacteria.
This process is super simple so anyone can use it. All you need to do is open up the case, throw in the accessory (phone, keys, AirPods, etc) you want to clean, and press the ‘On’ button. Doesn’t get much easier than that!
This UV sanitizer comes equipped with two different disinfecting modes. If you want to go for maximum sterilization, use the 30 minute standard cycle. Or, if you need your phone in a hurry to watch a live IG video of your favorite artist, you might want to use the 18 minute fast cleaning
(Please keep in mind that the sanitizer kills germs and bacteria, but has not yet been tested for its effectiveness against COVID19.)
Be sure not to open the lid while it is cleaning your phone or any other accessories. It won’t do any harm, but it will pause the cycle. It’s a magnetic closure so if you open it by accident, just close it again and the cycle will pick up where it left off. Not only will this amazing product clean your phone, but it will also charge it. The top of this sanitizer actually doubles as a fast wireless (10W) charging pad. It works for iPhone, Galaxy
phones, Pixels, and all Qi enabled devices. There is a 1 meter USB power cable also included with this product.

Like all of Totallee’s products, this UV phone sanitizer is covered by their 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. This sanitizer is currently available for pre-order on their website and will ship out in May.

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