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New Cooler Uses Earth’s Cooler temperature To Chill Your Drink


Summers are here and we can see articles regarding summer hacks flooding in, however, this article talks about a gadget that has been designed to keep your drinks cool and that too by not using any electricity. Yes, talk about eco-friendliness!

A Danish firm has surprised us all by introducing this beer fridge, which is quite peculiar and different than any other beer fridges you may have come across. Why is that? That is because it is an underground beer fridge that will cost you $350. You need to sink it into your garden where it will use cool underground earth to keep your beer chilled.

When you take out a beer, the next one is automatically pushed to the top by making use of a pulley system. The assembly is a little over one meter in height and has to be sunk below the ground level. 

According to the firm; ‘It’s advised to use a garden drill, but can be installed with a shovel as well, if you’re a real man. Do something great for yourself and the environment.’ The beer fridge is known as eCool and doesn’t require electricity to chill your drinks. It is very easy to install and weighs in at 12 Kg with a  capacity for 24 cans at a time and as such requires no maintenance.
Would you buy one for yourself? let us know in comments.