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Check Out These Stunning Ice Bumper Shells Left Behind By Frozen Cars

A recent ice storm made its way through North Carolina in February and has left some bizarre things for us all to see. A person was able to photograph ice bumper shells that were left behind after the cars were driven off. What led to their creation? It would appear that the water running from the front bumper of the car was frozen in place due to the steep temperature drop and the ghostly apparitions have been left behind in form of the icy shells.

The important question, however, would be that how have these shells managed to remain intact even after the cars were driven away. The possible explanation would be that the ice sheet was able to melt slightly when the engine was switched on and remained in place since it had been frozen to the ground.

These icy formations do look quite bizarre, however, at the very same time they are intricate art pieces from Mother Nature. You will be amazed by them for sure!