Here Are 3 Easy And Cheap Hacks To Remove Car Dents Within 10 Minutes


Sick and tired of those nasty dents, and paying your hard earned bucks for them in the denting shop? Don’t fret, as today we have compiled three of the most amazing yet easy to accomplish techniques which will repair your car dent in no time!

1. Using Dry Ice

The concept behind is to contract the metal body by cooling it down, and then hoping that it pops up as the body returns to the ambient temperature. Dry ice is commonplace and cheap. So you can try this technique for under $2 per pound. Simply touch the dry ice to the dented area for a few seconds and then leave it to come back to normal temperature. Repeat the process until the dent fully pops out. Caution, this might only work on a hot day.

2. Using a hairdryer and an air duster

Just use an air duster and a household hair dryer to remove the dent. Although this is a slightly different process consisting of both contraction as well as the expansion of the dent, it is still very quick, handy and cheap.

3. Using a hair dryer and compressed air

This is very similar to the method number 2, but it also involves a can of compressed air. The technique of expanding and contracting the metallic body to pop out the dent is employed again. The compressed air can is available at every computer shop very cheaply. Watch the video below to catch more on this method:

Do you have some other household and cheap dent fixes? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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