Meet These New Cycle Tires That Will Never Get Punctured


What if we tell you that there exist a type of tyres which will never be punctured?

Yes, it seems like a story from Nirvana, but a company called Canyon Crawler has successfully created two unique types of tyre that can never get punctured; at least that’s what they claim on their website.

The types are called Nexo tires and the Ever Tires, which besides being incredibly durable and lightweight, also come with a promise of never going flat. The company used a polymer blend to cushion the tyre while allowing it to bounce and have sufficient elasticity.

[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
The two types of tyres can be selected by your usage. If you usually ride on roads and consider yourself to be a rather leisurely rider, the Ever tire is the way to go. These can go up to 5,000 miles and don’t use air, meaning they are lightweight as well as puncture free.

For more hardcore cyclists, Nexo tires are the ultimate solution. The tires can last over 30,00 miles, and best of all they all are biodegradable.

The only downside is that since the Nexo tires attach to the rims, they usually take a few minutes to be ready for use. The entire tire production process only takes around 30 minutes, and only a single piece of material is required to manufacture it.

[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
The creators Dave, Ryan and Jake are also mountain biking enthusiasts residing in Utah, and they described the motivation behind this creation as follows:

“So to save our customers money and heartache we went to work on a better solution. With backgrounds in product development, international relations and project management we felt we were up to the task.”

Although the tires will go on sale in January, you can still bid on them via their Kickstarter campaign, starting from as low as $75 pledge for a smaller set and a $100 pledge for a 26″ set.

[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]
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