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ChargeAll Is A Portable Power Socket For All Your Gadgets


It really is frustrating when you need to charge your cell phone or tablet but can’t find a wall plug outlet? We have witnessed a number of solar chargers and battery packs but we all know they are not really practical. So what do you? You say hello to ChargeAll which is a small portable wall plug outlet.ChargeAll

ChargeAll will allow you to literally charge everything with a power rating of 85-90W and this means that it is capable of charging your smartphones, tablets, cameras and fans etc. It comes in two versions; one being the small one known as the Portable model that measures in at 6x4x1 inches and supports a 1200 mAh battery whereas the bigger version known as the Powerful model supports a 1800 mAh battery. The pack also includes a 120 volt wall plug along with a USB outlet and includes a Lithium-ion battery.

According to ChargeAll you can charge your laptop multiple times in a single charge of the socket charger and you can own the Portable model for 120$ and the Powerful model for 150$. So what are you waiting for?

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