This Portable Battery Pack Can Charge Your Laptop As Fast As A Normal Power Outlet

MOS Reach Go

Despite the increase in battery capacity of laptops and mobile phones in recent years, the users particularly the laptop ones can’t rely on their gadget for a full day outdoors. Until we reach the benchmark of 12 hours, we will always be in need of those annoying portable chargers.

They are clumsy, heavy and charge the device at excruciatingly low speeds than a regular power outlet. So much that we have to turn the device off before charging it. What if you had a charger that could charge at the same speed as a power outlet, weigh a fraction of what average chargers do and have a compact body to boot? MOS Reach Go can provide you all of this at an affordable cost.

MOS Reach Go2

The high-speed charging can be provided by from the new USB-C port. Old timers might not be able to benefit from this port as it has only been made available in the latest Macbook and Chromebook Pixel only. However, it is expected that the next generation of laptops will have this port as it is faster in performance. To recharge other devices, there are earlier USB versions available like USB-A. You can plug in your device here, and it will provide charging at 5V/2,4A for multiple devices at a time.

MOS Reach Go3

Despite the small size, the portable charger has an ample 15,000mAh power storage capacity. It can charge a Macbook three times and a standard smartphone seven times. Not only does it function as a portable battery, but it can also act as a hub for fast data transfer among devices. The future version so the Reach Go are being designed to carry intelligent ports and auto shut-off as well. All of this in a 315 gram 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches dimension is a remarkable achievement by the designers of the gadget. It is a great professional job because they reduced the obstacles in our quest for a perfect battery charger.

Right now, the release date is set on October 2015 and is likely to be bootstrap funded rather than crowdfunded. The nominal asking price is 99 $ as of yet.

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