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New Smartphone Is Made Out Of Titanium And Costs A Whopping 11,380 Dollars

Vertu Signature Touch6

Most of us tend to look for items that are economical to buy and are still sufficient enough for our needs. However, there are many who tend to buy the most expensive stock available. Take the example of smartphones; companies are working hard to release smartphones that are cheap, in order to attract more customers. However, there is one company which is opting to go for the other extreme and is manufacturing very expensive phones. Say hello to Vertu!

The Hampshire based company has released Signature Touch which is priced at $11,380 and is made of titanium. No, the price is not a typo, the phone does cost this much. The smartphone’s screen is protected by sapphire crystal whereas the gadget is finished in leather – talk about style, eh? Those who will purchase this smartphone shall have access to a 24 hr concierge via email, live chat and voice. The built-in Vertu Life app will provide the owners with access to sporting events and private members’ clubs worldwide (Woo-Hoo).

Each one of these Signature Touch Phones is custom-made while employing grade 5 titanium as construction material. The screen size is 4.7 inch with a 1080p HD resolution. The smartphone comes equipped with Digital Dolby Surround sound thanks to Bang and Olufsen speakers while supporting a 13 MP Hassleblad-certified camera. This is the same firm which manufactures cameras for the moon landings. The phone shall make use of Android KitKat 4.4.

The sale for this particular smartphone will begin in UK, USA, Australia and Singapore some time later this month. Wonder who will buy such an expensive phone!

Check out the youtube video below for more:

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