Broke College Student 3D Prints His Own Teeth Aligners

Broke College Student 3D Printed His Own Aligner

Meet Amos Dudley, a college student who like many other college students is broke. Yes, the sad story of college students. To make matters even worse, he wasn’t blessed with what you’ll call straight teeth and according to him, this left him a bit of self-conscious.Broke College Student 3D Printed His Own Aligner 2

While researching on some brand-name clear orthodontic aligners, he stumbled across a picture of an aligner that seemed to have the same layer patterns that 3D printed items feature. This sparked an idea; what is it that would stop anyone with access to a 3D printer from 3D printing their own aligners? As he discovered, not much at all.

He carried out a research on the professional process that is employed for the creation of clear aligners and came to the conclusion that as an undergrad he was well able to acquire everything that was required for giving this idea a shot.Broke College Student 3D Printed His Own Aligner 3

The results are astounding. Dudley claims that he has been wearing these retainers night and day for the last 16 weeks and said that only the required teeth were subjected to any sort of noticeable pressure. He says that he has plans of creating a bunch of additional retainers for his teeth’s current position so that he can maintain his straight smile in the future as well.Broke College Student 3D Printed His Own Aligner 4

Dudley also discovered that these aligners perfectly double up as whitening trays when trimmed down a bit and can also serve as night guards for protection against teeth grinding during one’s sleep.

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