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BeOn Light Bulb Outsmarts Burglars By Pretending Owner Is At Home

BeOn Smart Light Bulb Learns your Routine3

One must wonder when pledging $600 for a pack of nine bulbs that what is it that makes it so costly? The answer is multifold, but let’s just stick to one explanation: ‘it is nothing like an ordinary bulb despite seemingly one’. Say hello to BeOn Smart light bulb that is capable of thwarting burglars and so much more.

This smart bulb is able to learn how you use the bulb over time unlike other bulbs out there for which you have to program the routine. With BeOn Smart light bulb you can simply go on about your business of switching the light on and off and the bulb will learn your routine. It works on a routine that is ‘normal’ for the particular home and is then capable of following that routine even when you’re not home (known as replay mode).

This approach is known to be more effective in context of keeping the wannabe-burglars away from home. The BeON has a built-in battery that comes into play in case of a power outage thus keeping your home safe and lit even when there’s no electricity. The bulb also has audio sensors that can detect when the doorbell rings and light up. Though it won’t save you from every thug but a research study claims that its effect will be considerable. BeON can switch on if smoke detectors sound the alarm to allow for ease in navigating to the exit.

BeON comes with a night light mode as well that enables the user to set the brightness at desired level while also sporting a ‘fade out’ attribute that makes sure you don’t walk out of the room in darkness. Although no app is required to run the bulb, there is a smartphone app available that provides more features to the user.

Considering the features and attributes that this bulb comes with, we’d say that the cost is fairly justified. Check out the video below for more details:


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