10 Best Smart LED Bulbs For Home And Office

10 Best Smart LED Bulbs (3)

Smart LED Bulbs are the new trend and are certainly useful when it comes saving energy around the household. These smart bulbs can be controlled via smartphones and are now readily available online or through your local hardware store. The cost of a smart LED bulb may vary depending on features and brightness but mostly cost between 20$ to 40$. We have compiled the list of 10 best smart LED bulbs that we think you should buy!

10. Magic Blue® Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb(24.99$)

10 Best Smart LED Bulbs (6)

The smart LED bulb has the option of almost 16million color tones that can be dimmed from your smartphone. The affordable product can also be synched with music on your phone making it a very versatile device.

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9. Techip Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb (27.99$)

10 Best Smart LED Bulbs (8)

Techip product can provide a maximum of 10W of power and like the previous one, has a total of 16 million color tones to choose from. The manufacturer also states that it has a lifespan of about 20,000 hours.

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8. Liang’s Bluetooth Smart Multicolored Led Night Light (29.19$)

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The Bluetooth controlled LED bulb has a QR code at the back of it which can be used to download the app. Additionally, the Bulb can also play music directly from the phone as it has Bluetooth speakers already built in.

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7. MIPOW E26(19.99$)

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One of the most cost effective choices on our list can provide millions of color tones under four light effects;  PULSING, RAINBOW, FADING & FLASHING. The bulb is capable of giving the same light intensity as a 40W incandescent bulb.

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6. InaRock® Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb(29.98$)

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An Amazon bestseller like this one can not have much wrong with it regarding design. Just like previous ones, you have more than a million color possibilities and is one of few smart bulbs that have Bluetooth speakers installed within.

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5. Kingstar Smart RGB LED Light Bulb(26.99$)

10 Best Smart LED Bulbs (3)

The bulb changes colors based on four music sync settings that include Normal, Jazz, Rock or Classical. If you just want white light, you can easily configure it with the app, and it provides the same brightness as a 60W traditional bulb.

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4. Lucero Smart LED Bluetooth A19 Light Bulb(29.95$)

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The Lucero product is available in two configurations, one in 7 Watts the other in 10 Watts. The app of this bulb can sync 50 bulbs at a time allowing you to simultaneously control many bulbs and giving a splendid effect. The life cycle of this product is also comparatively large as it can last for over 40,000 hours.

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3. GE Link, Wireless A19 Smart Connected LED Light Bulb(24.99$)

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GE is one of the premium brands when it comes to power electronics for home & industry. GE product is certainly one of it’s kind as it able to deliver almost 800 Lumens of light. The 12W bulb dramatically reduces your power cost and is one of the best in the market today regarding durability.

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2. MagicLight® Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb (35.95$)

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The unique feature of this bulb is its timer mode in which you can program the bulb to periodically change colors or toggle on/off. Apart from that, it has a mic and speaker system whereas the product comes with two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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1. Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb(40$)

10 Best Smart LED Bulbs (10)

Flux Led bulb is the most popular smart LED Bulb in the market, and this is evident from the fact that it has more than 1100 positive reviews wit a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The firm provides two models of 7 Watt and 10 Watt respectively. You can set the color transitions in the form of four options which include Normal, Jazz, Rock or Classical. 

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