Batman Dies After He Is Hit By A Car

Batman Is No More…

Batman is the superhero that everyone wants to be. He doesn’t have any superpower, but he still continues to be awesome. One such person, Leonard Robinson, an Owings Mills was known for visiting children admitted in hospitals in full Batman regalia. Sadly, our 51 year old Batman has passed away in a traffic crash that took place Sunday night in Western Maryland.Batman Is No More…. Batman Is No More…. 3

His custom black car, a Batmobile’s version, broke down on eastbound Interstate 70 close to Big Pool in Washington County around 10:30 p.m. According to state police, he was standing in fast lane and was checking the engine when his vehicle was struck by a Toyota Camry. His Batmobile hit him and he was declared dead at the scene; the Dark Knight had fallen.Batman Is No More…. 4 Batman Is No More…. 2

Robinson has three sons and he has been spending his money to bring happiness and joy to sick children and for the promotion of charitable causes. Laurie Strongin is the founder of the Hope for Henry Foundation, a Washington nonprofit that works to help the area’s sickest children, and according to her, “He would come into the hospital and transform the place. When he was there, the kids would forget they were sick; they would forget they were in the hospital. He brought so much joy and happiness into their lives.”Batman Is No More…. 6 Batman Is No More…. 7

Strongin told that she had met Robinson via mutual friend and they both quickly realized that they both have similar passion. Hope for Henry has hosted superhero parties for 12 years and Batman has attended all of them. Strongin said, “He helped sick kids to heal. Literally, thousands and thousands of sick kids’ lives were better because of him.”Batman Is No More…. 8 Batman Is No More…. 9

Custer, an actor from North Bethesda, said that he was always impressed with how Robinson worked with children and talked to them in Caped Crusader’s deep and gravelly voice. He said, “”In his Batman voice, he’d tell them: ‘You have to make a promise to me.’ And the kids would be right on their toes, wide-eyed. They were ready, they wanted to know what the promise was, and he’d say: ‘You have to fight.”

We hope that Robinson’s family finds peace and his good work is continued.

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