Here Is How You Can Solve A 17 x 17 X 17 Rubik Cube

17 x 17 X 17 Rubik Cube

I am sure many of you would have faced a lot of difficulties while solving a 3 X 3 X 3 Rubik cube and cursed its creators while you repeatedly failed. Do you know that there are over 43 billion billion possibilities or combinations so you might want to pat your back after successfully doing it, WRONG! Recently the famous Kenneth Brandon on Youtube did a 17 X 17 X 17 Rubik cube in little over 7.5 hours.
17x17x17 rubik cube

In mathematical terms, he had to overcome a miniscule quinquagintatrecentillion number of possibilities in order to get the right combination. This is a world record in itself as nobody even owns a cube like this. But it’s not that difficult as it looks as he is not doing the way you do your 3 X 3 X 3 ones. He is basically using a mathematical model to solve it known as the reduction method, and once the secret has been out, there will be many people who can do it faster than him. If he had been doing it on hit and trial basis, several lifetimes would have been insufficient to get even a quarter of it done.

He presents his work in a time lapse of his 7.5-hour ordeal that allowed him to reach this conclusion. He also explains how he is doing it. So here is the ultimate show-off from the Youtuber:

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