This Is The World’s Largest Version of Minesweeper And Fits In 24 HD Screens

World's Largest Version of Minesweeper 3

Many of us have spent countless hours trying to figure out Minesweeper and once we figured it out, countless hours enjoying it. If you reached a level where you wanted to increase the difficulty somehow, your prayers have been answered. The largest version of Minesweeper yet has been created and it stretches an entire video wall and houses thousands of mines.

The project was undertaken and executed by CineMassive, a video wall solutions company, based in Altlana, Georgia. It was built in order to carry out celebrations of the 30th anniversary of early prototype of the game and has reportedly been designed so that the difficulty has been increased a few notches.World's Largest Version of Minesweeper 3

The playing field is constituted of 24 linked HD TVs that form a gigantic video wall. When you select ‘expert’ level, the game provides you with an opportunity to tackle 38,799 mines. You will require an abundant supply of skills and luck to tackle this version of Minesweeper. As of now, no one even in the project team has been able to beat the game in Expert mode. It is open for public now and 10 applicants will be selected from the total pool of applicants.

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