Australian Defense Agency Is Making Superhuman Autonomous Soldiers

Defence Science and Technology Group

Defence Science and Technology Group (DST), which is the Australian government’s lead agency and is charged with applying science and technology to protect and defend Australia and its national interest. The agency has recently unveiled its plans for the next generation of soldiers. This next generation of soldiers is expected to come into action by 2035 and will make a striking force. The team of government researchers has combined the most significant development in material science, sensor technologies, and autonomous systems to create army personnel which cannot be seen and hurt. The agency’s release states, “The classic approach to soldier protection is, in its most simplistic form: don’t be seen; if you’re seen, don’t be hurt, but ideally, don’t be there.”

Dr. Ahmed Bhoyro of Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) said that the advance development includes everything from camouflage materials to ballistic protection to in-built first aid. The solutions provided in the autonomous army personnel are creative as well as futuristic. The clothing shrinks to become a tourniquet and automatically adjusts the fabric structure in response to environmental changes and forms camouflage patterns which can adapt to light conditions. The garment is also capable of heating or cooling itself according to the environment. It is an incredible development to eliminate the need for on-ground soldiers. Watch the video to know more about the advance system.

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